Monday, March 1, 2010

The Olympics: Best of

The Olympics, stories of triumph, athleticism, sportsmanship. I just loved 'em.

And in case it wasn't painfully over the top obvious in the closing ceremonies, I'll tell you that the Canadians really really love their hockey. I really wish we would have beat the men last night, that would have made this post so much better.

Here are some of my all time favorite images of the Olympics. The Canadian Women taking the gold medal. Again, hockey is really really important to these ladies, so we'll let them have their moment of glory. They look so happy.

I don't even mind if they want to extend their celebration out on the ice with a little champagne.

Cigars? Well, I guess that's ok too. Not very feminine but, oh wait you're girl hockey players. Carry on.

Notice enough time has passed that they have left the ice, taken of their pads, put on their sandals and then returned to the ice.

Totally drunk. The girl in the front can't even get up. Aren't there rules about wearing a gold Olympic medal and being intoxicated? Judging by this picture, I'm guessing that at this point, every other sentence starts with the phrase "dude , you know what would be awesome?'

Dude, you know what would be awesome? I'm totally gonna drive that Zamboni.

Gold medal celebration that has totally degenerated into a buncha chicks passed out on the ice. If I were a member of the US team, I would tape this picture tape to my locker and look at it every day for the next four years.

No wait I take that back. I think this victory must mean more to Canada than it ever would to the USA. I mean, we almost won. We won a silver medal and we don't even care about hockey.


alexandra said...

I bet they're all sporting Olympic hangovers this morning.

sara said...

Oh man, where did you get those pictures? I don't recall Bob Costas' dry wit narrating this one...

camilla said...

Lets just say there are reasons that softball is no longer in the summer Olympics.