Monday, March 22, 2010

Easter is coming

Do you think that it might just maybe be possible for me to find a single Easter decoration in this city that doesn't remind me of Donnie Darko?
See the way these guys are looking at me? Quit staring at me like that rabbit. I said stop!

I really need to find some decent decor for my house, to hide the fact that this is what things really look like at Easter time.

The last time I took a picture on Easter Sunday--for good reason.
In '08 I decided that my kids didn't really need candy from the Easter bunny--they would have just as much fun hunting for the eggs we'd dyed. Quit staring at me like that kids. I said stop!


Momma Nielson said...

ha ha ha, that picture of the kids is a riot!

Elliot said...

that might be the saddest picture on the internet. But i'm sure those frowns turned upside-down when you made eggs and white sauce!?

alexandra said...

Silly rabbit . . .

I've already spent my $20 (apiece) on candy.

melissa's life said...

the looks on their faces is priceless! So much for healthy easter bastkets.

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