Friday, February 19, 2010

International Night 2010

Lately I've been feeling overwhelmed with my life here. Let me tell you, raising five kids in the D.C. area is tough. Lots of pressure, lost of weird looks, they don't really build houses for big families here--at least not ones that I can afford. And with this snow storm, getting my family in and out of the car is pure torture. Oh and today, I took my kids to the grocery store to pick out a Redbox and a toothless crackhead asked them if they wanted a piece of candy. That's the truth. I can't help but think to myself that my life would be easier if we lived in Utah, where there is an abundance of houses with garages, children, family to babysit, ahh the list goes on.

However, last night was our school's annual international night, and I was reminded that there are some things that are more valuable than being able to drop the wee ones at my parents and take my husband to Cafe Rio. Our elementary school is pretty diverse and once a year they have a sort of carnival to showcase the different cultures and countries that make up Mosby Woods. They do dances, sing songs bring food to sample and have a fashion show. It is priceless.

Here are some girls singing a Swahili song. I was pretty bummed that I didn't hear any clicking in their words-- that's Swahili right? Notice the Obama print dresses.

This year the place looked more like Little India than anything. Here are a bunch of kids doing the Jai Ho dance that they do at the end of Slumdog Millionaire.

And a picture of my neighbors Shivani and Vikram. How cute are they? Vikram used to be in Shea's preschool carpool. One day I wanted to kids to stay for lunch bunch but wasn't sure how to tell the non-English speaking Bengali nanny so I just made him a pb&j for him. The next day his mom asked me for a recipe because Vikram said he'd just had the best American sandwich in the world. I said I'd be happy to supply weekly pb&j's in exchange for weekly samosas and butter chicken. Best trade ever.

And here is a picture of one of the two fashion shows the school put on. There were too many kids and too many countries for just one show. There were kids from New Zealand (came out doing the Kamate Haka of course-- moron) India, Nepal, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Russia, Scotland, France, Arytria, Somalia, and Tanzania. My kids beg to be in the fashion show every year so they go as pioneers, it's either that or a Euromutt.

After International Night I've had a change of heart. Living here: if a harmless crackhead is the price I have to pay for being able to do a high and mighty citizen of the world Brangelina style blog post. Then that's ok with me.


MandoRama said...

You are one in a million, Ange. I don't think there are many white, Utah Mormon Moms who could handle what you do. Hell, I happen to one white NON-Mormon mom who would have a hard time with it. ;)

Your kiddos are lucky to be having these experiences. And, bonus! Crack keeps you skinny!

sara said...

Except that I think you're making up some of those country names. Because I haven't heard of all of them; most of those are definitely not in the Olympics, and I always watch the Olympics.

Those are some awesome pictures.

Alicia said...

My favorite crackpot encounter was in Georgetown. I was walking back to my sweet pottery barn job when a guy asked me for some money. I offered him some sliced apples I was eating and he smiled and said, "I got no teeth!" You're a superstar (and so are your pioneer dressed children).

camilla said...

move to Utah!!! I need you. Jonah looks so sweet and harmless as a pioneer.

Momma Nielson said...

I took all 7 kids to the mall once. You cannot believe the stares I got--like how dare I have that many kids. But it's still worth living here. Miss you guys in the true ward.