Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Jonah

  • Spit a huge wad of gum in the baby's hair.

  • Got our family permanently banished from the annual neighborhood spook alley.

  • Likes peeing off the deck.

  • Popped 2 air mattresses.

  • Report card said that he "enjoys active play that usually involves chasing and tormenting other children."

  • Love's playing with his dad's bike pump. (use your imagination)

  • Drew cute little people on the back of the couch and cool looking X's on the rug with magic marker.

  • Shot a dart gun at the baby's face-- from about three inches away.

  • Wanted to be 'naked' for Halloween.

  • Hate hate hate's to flush.

  • Set fire to the bedroom carpet. He put it out himself though, way to go Jonah!

  • Locked himself in my bathroom. Shaved his head and licked my razor before I could get the door unlocked. I came in and he had bald patches all over his head and blood running down his chin.

  • Shattered my flatscreen.

Six years ago, our boy was born with, well, let's call it an 'impish streak,' don't really think his behavior has anything to do with my fine parenting skills.

Oh, and here's a picture of his birthday cake this year.


camilla said...

Ezra has big shoe's to fill. Happy birthday Jonah! We miss him.

Megan Healey Taylor said...

Still. Laughing. Hysterically. Way to make it to the big oh-six, Jonah!! We'll see if you make it to seven... :)

alexandra said...

I don't remember them ever sending report cards home from Primary?

I bet you're WAY excited to have him hit his teenage years. Just think: testosterone, much higher mobility, and all of his friends' untapped intellectual reserves for mischief. Your'e in for a real treat.

camilla said...

that cake is awesome!

Langelo.Di.Morte said...

"Wanted to be naked for Halloween" was absolutely priceless to read.