Friday, February 26, 2010


Normally I don't like to share too much personal information, but I've gotten myself into a bit of a pickle and in order to explain it, I'll have to give some background. My oldest daughter has a seizure disorder and a learning disability in reading among other things. When my second daughter's teacher commented that her reading and spelling were below grade level, I decided that it might be a good idea for her to undergo a private comprehensive evaluation to figure out exactly what the problem was.
Not that it matters, but it turns out that daughter number two is not below grade level in anything, and is completely normal. I'm not sure why there is such a discrepancy between the school and the evaluation I had done but I suspect that it may have something to do with the fact that the teacher is jealous of me and my second daughter has a severe case of halitosis but that's neither here nor there.
The point is, when I went in to discuss the results of the test, I mentioned to the psychologist that nothing tests my patience like homework time. I asked her if she could suggest someone for me to talk to that could give me parenting advice on different ways to approach the different learning styles of my kids. That's OK right? It's called proactive parenting. She said that she would think about it and get back to me.
As I was driving home a woman called me, she said that the psychologist had given her my info and she would be happy to sit down and talk to me. Okay, that's fine. Well we scheduled something. Well, when I went in, I had a list of questions with examples of things that were going on at home. I was hoping that she could introduce me to some kind of motivational chart with stickers or a book of cool mnemonic devices to help my kids learn how to spell better.
Instead, she asked me questions about my life and I found myself sharing my hopes and dreams for an hour. I didn't mind so much though, the lady was really nice and I felt like I had a real connection with her. But then at the end, something happened that snapped me back to reality. It was something that I've only seen on TV. She put down her note pad, looked at her watch and said, "Well I think we're out of time for this week but we've made some good progress here, I'll see you next week."

No way.

I'm in therapy? How did this happen? Wait I know how it happened, I was tricked into it.

So what do I do now? This is so unfair. First of all I don't have time for this. What am supposed to do with my two kids who stay home with me all day? I can't find childcare every week. Second of all, can't a mom ask for suggestions without being put into therapy? Or am I the only one who doesn't know how to handle every single situation. I really don't know a tactful way to get out of this. I mean, I can't just stick it out until they decide that I don't need therapy anymore, who knows when that'll be? But I don't know any good way to say, "I don't need therapy, I just need help."
On the other hand, part of me thinks that I do need serious therapy. Plus, I've always wanted to say, "My therapist is going to have a field day with this one."


sara said...

I hadn't ever read that linked post before, and when I got to that goat picture I can't even tell you how hard I laughed.

If they aren't going to charge you an arm and a leg maybe the therapy could be fun; a little "grown-up conversation" once a week at the very least.

Anonymous said...

As someone who also found themselves in therapy without realizing quite how it happened, I'll just say that it can actually turn out to be a good thing.

But finding someone to watch your kids is a serious pain in the butt. Try bringing the little dears along some time. I find that they'll speak VOLUMES to the therapist.

Sorry to be anonymous, but I'm not quite ready to let everyone know I'm in therapy quite yet.

I just noticed the word verification is "liarlsio." How fitting.

Lara said...

There have countless times in my years of mothering that I have longed for some kind of parenting resource center to go to for advice on parenting issues.

manjiT said...

You are a wonderful parent, arent you?
Whatever you do, things are gonna be fine.

camilla said...

my therapist said it's people who don't think they need therapy need it the most.
but really, it might be a good thing. it might help you be more understanding and see your kids from a different perspective.
You are such a great mom though and as long as you don't make your kids say "would you like fry's with that" they will be just fine.

Janelle said...

HA! I read this two days ago and am still laughing at it. Hi-larious.

alexandra said...

I held onto a list of therapists for over a year before finally chucking it in the trash (okay - recycling bin). I just never seemed to have the time to call one and set up an appointment - probably the reason I could use therapy in the first place.

More power to ya!