Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ahhhhh Warm Weather

The 15 foot snow drift behind my car has me almost constantly daydreaming about taking a fun trip somewhere. At first it was Utah, they know how to handle snow. Next it was New York, I keep thinking about that Broadway version of 21 Guns that I saw on the Grammys. Now I'm all about Disney. And the best part about Disney trips is in the planning.

We had a great trip to Disney World a couple of years ago. It was back when I only had three kids so life was really easy ya know? Well, I didn't tell my kids that we were going, I just told them that I had a big surprise for them at the end of the week. They were so excited! They kept asking and asking what the surprise was but I just told them they were going to have to wait and see. When Thursday afternoon rolled around, I packed their bags and threw them in the car. I told them that their surprise was that we were going to go somewhere. They freaked out and begged me to tell them where we were going. "You'll see when we get there!" We got in the car and the suspense was killing them. They started guessing. McDonald's? No better. Veronica's house? No better. The pool? No better. Daddy's office? No better.

As we got closer to the airport they were starting to get mad. They were too young for such anticipation. "Please just tell us!" They begged.

We took the airport exit, turned a corner and the Dulles airport came into view. They saw the airport and I'm not joking, they all burst into tears and cried, "The AIRPORT? This is the worst surprise ever mom. What are we supposed to do here? Your big surprise was to bring us to the airport? This is terrible!"

There is no way any kid is that dumb.

I wanted to wait until the plane landed to tell them that we were going to spend the weekend in Disney World, but I had to tell them at the curbside check in. Oh we ended up having a great trip, but the whole surprise thing didn't really work out the way I had envisioned.


alexandra said...

Yeah, kids at that age just can't handle suspense. I love the fact that they thought you were going to the airport. It's like all the kids in the DC area who think that their dads work at the Metro.

Elliot said...

Next time, tell them you have a huge surprise for them, then actually take them to Veronica's house that will show them how cool your last surprise was!

Elliot said...

unless Veronica's house is cooler than Disney World, than that won't work.

Elliot said...

but Veronica's house would have to be pretty cool to be cooler that Disney World, but i've never seen a house cooler than Disney World, so it's not likley.

Elliot said...

maybe it's not the house at all? perhaps is it Veronica that's the cool part? but I don't know i've never met her.