Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So I decided,

that I am going to start using my blog for things that most people use facebook for, and use facebook for things that people use blogs for but maybe shouldn't. I think that this will mean more blogging. Not that any of this matters, I'm just thinking out loud-- which is what some do on blogs, but shouldn't.

So I went to pour milk in my cereal this morning.

The bad news is that a syringe fell out of the milk jug.

The good news is that is wasn't one of those needle syringes, it was just one of those medicine dispensing ones.

Yup, that's the good news. This is pretty much how my life is going right now. Man, I wish I were an optimist.


alexandra said...

If I knew anything about facebook, that first paragraph might have made a little more sense.

But whatever the case, I'd be happy to see more blog posts. They're funny (when I understand them, which doesn't say much for me).

Janelle said...

Ha! Seriously - HA! I'm hoping it was your syringe. Or maybe I'm hoping that it wasn't and you guys can become independently wealthy through a legal settlement.