Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cougar Clothing at Costco

That's Alliteration! (Yup, you guessed it. AP English.)

Actually make that Criss Angel slash cougar clothing.

But what I really loved was the model picture. I wish I could have gotten a better shot of this, but it's sorta weird to take a picture of a picture and the Pakistani Costco worker behind me passing out samples of the Costco cheesecake was starting to judge.
Full on botoxed out. So awesome. Go Cougs!


Elliot said...

just add a mixture of the following images to clothing to make it cool: angel wings, harts, barb wire, fleur de lis and/or skull and cross bones.

Laura said...

hahahaha Angela, not sure you know I read your blog but you always get me laughing. This is incredible.

alexandra said...

I was there today. I saw the display. I bought a shirt.

And I got a cheesecake sample from the Pakistani Costco worker. It was good.

Okay. Maybe not.

But I'm going tomorrow!

Camilla said...


Anonymous said...

You mean "Cool/Hot/Trendy Utah Mom" Clothing at Costco? For some reason, my Costco doesn't have these! Maybe they sold out too fast (except the cross ones...going to far for the cool Mormon moms).

Anonymous said...


lesley said...

Oh man, we saw this sorry display too. Too funny! Who wears that stuff anyway?