Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I donated 3 big black garbage bags and 2 kitchen garbage bags of stuff to Unique today. Unique is a huge local thrift store with a cultish Mormon and Latino following.

Four of the bags had good stuff in them.

One of the bags (to my credit it was just a one of the kitchen bags, not a big one) had the contents of the bottom my daughters' massive barbie basket. There was nothing good in there and I knew it. Random doll clothes, mismatched shoes, used lip glosses, old homework assignments, socks with no mates, leggo pieces. Seriously, nothing good. So I sort of put it underneath all of the bags of good stuff when I made my drop off. I wanted to drive away as soon as possible before I could see them pick up that bag which was about to to break apart. But I had to wait to get a receipt. Because you know what happens when you donate stuff and then claim it under charitable contributions on your taxes but don't have a receipt? You get audited. And then your husband asks you for a bunch of papers and so you have to pretend like you're all organized and stuff.

So I stood there waiting for my receipt when this huge guy came up started picking up the bags and loading them into a bin. When he picked up the last bag, you guessed it. The top half of a broken plastic sword poked a hole in it and all of the contents fell out. Hundreds of contents.

I was humiliated.

So I had to pretend like it was really a bag of trash and I just put it in the back of my car by accident. The guy gave me one of those looks that Larry David gets all the time. Don't worry though because he stood there above me with his arms folded across his chest and watched me pick up each little barbie shoe and Polly Pocket halter top until it was all cleaned up.

Then he gave me my receipt.

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alexandra said...

I've got some contractor bags you can use for the next go-round.

Thanks for the laugh!