Friday, January 29, 2010

Actual Google Chat With My Brother David

So on Dave's google status, he posted, "I just met Snoop Dog." I thought he was just trying to be funny so I asked him about it. Here is our e-conversation. (you know that PC stands for Park City right?)

10:50 AM me: you just met snoop dog?
10:51 AM dbscruggs: are you still there?
me: yeah
10:52 AM dbscruggs: I met him yesterday. he came into the office next to mine. he has a headphone named after him by skullcandy and was playing in a concert last night in PC so he came by
with a bunch of big black dudes
me: no way!!!
10:53 AM dbscruggs: I saw a fancy bus pull up in front of out building and thought it might be him...then I saw him come out of the bus and I just waited by the elevator
and said Snoop!
and he said whudup
and walked right by into the skullcandy office
and I went back to work
10:54 AM me: the skullcandy hq is in PC?
dbscruggs: yep
me: wow
dbscruggs: right next door to Summit. their whole office is set up like a skate part
10:55 AM me: grow up skull candy
dbscruggs: ha
me: was snoop as skinny as he looks in real life?
dbscruggs: yeah. but taller, he's probably 6.5 feet tall
10:56 AM but the rest of his crew are all big boys.
and one little asian
me: 6.5 no way
dbscruggs: yeah, he's tall
me: did you know he was going to come in?
10:57 AM dbscruggs: I knew he was playing at harryo's
but not that he'd come to the office
10:58 AM me: and you just happened to be outside your office?
that is so cool
dbscruggs: well I saw him throug the window and then just kinda stalked him in the hallway
11:03 AM me: still cool
11:05 AM dbscruggs: I sent you a pic

Then I told Dave that he was awesome and I asked if I could put this on my blog. And he said yeah but I had to say something cool about him.

Dave is nothing but cool. He has a smokin' hot wife and if you ask him. He will proudly confirm the fact that he has been mistaken for a famous cage fighter.