Friday, November 20, 2009

11-17-09 Some Goodbyes and Some Hellos

Have you ever wondered what a hermit crab looks like when it's all the way out of its shell? We found out earlier this week. I looked in the cage that morning and saw that our pet 'Samantha' had escaped, for the fourth time since we've owned her.

That evening during dinner. I started having contractions. Bad ones.

While we were cleaning up after dinner Peter found the hermit crab.

When he turned on the garbage disposal.

Warning: graphic picture.

I grabbed my iphone in between contractions and took a picture and I'm glad I did because I was in way too much pain to feel anything else.

I guess I forgot to mention to Peter that I was feeling uncomfortable because he thought it would be a good idea to have a little family memorial service around the garbage can. He asked Eliza to say a few words. He gave a little talk about life after death for animals. It was all very sweet. He was half way through his Amazing Grace solo when I spoiled the mood by yelling, "I'm gonna kill you you jerk!" I guess that meant it was time to go to the hospital.


Camilla said...

Poor Samantha! I am sorry for your loss.

alexandra said...

That's probably one of the best birth announcements I've ever read!

Congrats on a healthy Ezra.

Condolences on Samantha.

susan said...

How poetic that Samantha leaves this earth the same day that Ezra joins it. ;)

Heidi C said...

Congrats, Angela! I know you don't post pictures of your lovely family, but I still want to see, so email me one of Ezra!

Brueggemans said...

Congrats on the new addition. I still can't imagine you with five. Would love to see pictures of your family sometime.