Thursday, October 22, 2009

It seemed like a good idea at the time

Sorry for the crappy pictures, can you tell what's going on?

Neither can I.
But there is a guy at my gym right now. Dressed like a waiter, passing out free samples of finger food on a tray. I said gym not cocktail party. There were three other guys just like him walking around offering food to people on fancy trays. My Costco sample instincts kicked in and I downed two mini protein shakes, some cliff bars and a quinoa salad before I realized that I was eating food with my hands in the middle of a gym.

And we are all wondering why H1N1 is spreading so fast.

Why would I go to a gym when I can lick pennies in the privacy of my own home?


Camilla said...

when I was reading this I was thinking No wonder Peter has the flu.

David said...

I hope you did what I do and pick up two or three before finally deciding on the perfect free sample. This one...oh, no wait I want that one...uhm, well wait a sec this one looks good.

Janelle said...

Free food at your gym? America: This is why you are fat.