Wednesday, September 16, 2009

FB off

Peter and I are in a Facebook war. I have 213 friends and he has 209 friends. He got mad at me because I looked through his friends to add some of them as my own. Then I told him he was welcome to look through my friends and do the same. But ya know what? I can add a lot of his friends and it's ok, but he can't really add my 14 year old Mia Maids because that's creepy.
Then the other day he announced that there was no other way I was ever going to catch him, he was up to like 250. That may be true but I don't care anymore. I've decided that I am going to go for quality, not quantity. Here are a few of my FB "friends" that are on probation.

  • A good friend from school who sent me a long email via FB asking for money for a cycling fundraiser. He is raising money for 5th graders who go to a private math and technology school. Aside from donating bags of candy to teachers (a previous post) I can't think of a worthier cause. The "charity" was mentioned in the last two sentences. The first 40 sentences were detailed descriptions of the greatest conquest his rock hard body has yet to face.
  • A former boss and fellow fitness instructor who sent out a message informing her friends that her email address was no longer "ironmaiden@xxxx but instead ironmaidenphd@xxxx.
I want to use FB to find and catch up with friends and see what they are up to. I don't like it when Facebook is manipulative or makes me feel bad about myself-- that's what the blogs on my google reader are for. Maybe I'm just being grouchy. After all, I just took the Entourage FB quiz and it turns out I am 100% Ari Gold.

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MandoRama said...

Hey, Ari, adopt my theory of double credit for ethnic minorities and marginalized groups and you may stand a fighting chance.

(Big shout out to James, Tommy, Dipti and my main gays! Woot!)