Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rough Week II

The next day, I went to my OB. She looked at my chart and started attacking me with questions.

"Why have you gained so much weight? Why was your last baby so big? Did you eat more sugar then? Are you eating more sugar now?"

She was not impressed by the fact that I am still teaching at the gym, not even when I flexed and kissed my bicep for her. Most people like that, but I guess if OBs were interested in awesome biceps, they would be like arm doctors or something. Instead she told me that I was probably diabetic and going to have to cut out all sugar or else I was doomed to give birth to a 9 pounder. The whole time she lectured slash yelled at me, I just stared at the ground like a 5 year old who has just shattered a flat screen (and believe me, I know what that looks like.)

So I walked to my car and drove home, feeling like a fatty. When I got home, my legs had sweated themselves stuck to the leather seats because I was wearing a skirt and I had to peel them off the seat and it hurt and I thought to myself, "This must be how fat people feel when they get out of cars every day." And I burst into tears. I ran inside and canceled my DVR set to record DYAO and the Fatchelor (aka More to Love) because the fact that those shows are on TV mean that it is now OK to make fun of fat people (or as they call themselves "real people")

After I took care of my TV business, I went to check on my kids (yes I have my priorities in order) and I heard them yelling, "I hate you!" and "You are stupid." When I went in to stop that kind of talk, they saw the look on my face and were quick to inform me that it was opposite day. "

"OOOHHH opposite day. Carry on children." to which Jonah replied, "Mom you are sooo not fat."

And there you have it. Day number two.


alexandra said...

Oh, Ang. You really are soooo not fat, and I don't believe in opposite day.

Spencer said...

Whoa! Leather seats!

Nathan & Michelle Watabe said...

I just saw you 4 days ago and you are not fat at all. The nerve of your OB. My OB's have never said a word and believe me, with Harrison, I was F-A-T. And with this one, I've already gained 4 pounds. That means in the next 26 weeks I can only gain 21 pounds. Not good, considering I usually gain 8 pounds in months 6 AND 7. Yikes!

The Watkins said...

When we got together with the roomies this week, you were so missed. Then I logged on to my computer and read your blog. And it eased my pain a little. I went to my 28 week appointment and stepped on the scale and the nurse looked at the number and said, "That CAN'T be right." Nice. I feel for you. How many weeks are you?

MandoRama said...

Number 5?! So very brave.