Wednesday, July 29, 2009

You Know What's Weird?

Pete just sent me this, got it off the NRO site.

This woman is right, things are different now than they were twenty years ago.

Let me just prove our point(as if I needed to.) Think about when you used to go to Chuck E. Cheese 20 years ago. Don't you remember it being darkly lit with puppets--just barely more fun than creepy? Me too! Now its bright lights and no more puppets. Weird.

I just thought of another one. Moon Boots. What's not to love? They are warm and waterproof. And where are they now? Who took the moon boots? Don't try to tell me they just stopped making them, that is as weird as the rainbow in water thing.

And is it just me or did there used to be a lot more guys named Vince? When is the last time you met a Vince? Where did they all go? Some crazy government science experiment I bet. Things sure are different now.


Mema of 5 said...

You could name your baby Vince and put a stop to the government experiment.

alexandra said...

I second that.

Tiffany said...

Yet another reason to be proud I live in California. . . the school system obviously is working in both areas of spelling and science. The sirens constantly in the background add to the authenticity of her logic. . .thanks for the morning wake up gut laugh!