Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pioneer Day Fireworks

My people love their jello salads, their big families, and their illegal fireworks.

What's the deal with men and fireworks? More importantly, what's the deal with my men and fire? They love the stuff. And if you know anyone who likes illegal fireworks, you know that the closer they come to really hurting someone or burning down a house, the more likely they will be to repeat the stunt again. Last year on the 5th of July, someone had the bright idea of sticking a monster bottle rocket into one end of a pool noodle, while they held up the other end in the air. Sparks, burnt fingers, a neighbors flaming tree all in a matter of seconds, of course followed by the 20 seconds of complete silence and someone uttering, "that was awesome."

Tonight I am enjoying a quiet empty house. While I was at a meeting, Pete decided to do his part in getting ready for Pioneer Day and go get the illegal fireworks. So he and a buddy put 6 kids in the car and drove 100 miles to Pennsylvania during a severe thunderstorm warning where there was rumored to be a firework stand that had the good stuff. Three hours later, they arrived and there was indeed-y a stand, but it was closed.

I hope they come home.

I am so glad that we are bringing another boy into our family so that we can increase the amount of testosterone driven judgement calls. Maybe Pete and Jonah will stop working overtime.


The Galan Family said...

Did I miss something? Are you pregnant?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if I missed something, too. Ang?

The Watkins said...

When is this boy joining the family?