Monday, June 1, 2009

One Thing Eminem and I have in common

We both rule the world of being able to "dish it out but can't take it"

Seriously? Eminem thinks he can say or rap whatever he wants about whoever he wants. But has no sense of humor when it comes to anything directed at him. 

Remember when that comic dog from Conan tried to have a chat with Eminem a few years back at the Grammys? The same thing happened. "M's" posse seriously messed that dog up, so whoever planned this stunt shouldn't have been too surprised at the reaction.

Which brings me to the topic of myself. I have a rare combination of character traits that might just make me one of the most unbearable humans ever.

I love to make fun of people. 
I think that I am really really funny.
I almost always think that I am the most entertaining and clever person in the room. 
I get very offended and sullen if anyone tries to make fun of me. 

Good thing I was aware of this when I chose a husband ten years ago today. This makes him the best husband on the planet. He lets me mock and embarrass him all I want, knowing full well that if he ever tried to give me back what I fully deserve, I just couldn't take it. I was thinking that for an anniversary present, I was going to allow him to hijack my blog for a day and tell the world about that one Halloween when I discovered that Silver Diner buffalo wings don't agree with my GI tract (ruining my Halloween costume and a friends white bath mat in the process.) But I think I'll just keep that one to myself.

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