Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Camilla

I like Camilla because whenever she decides to dress up ugly because that would be funny, she seriously tries to look as ugly as possible, unlike most girls who say they think it would be funny to dress ugly and then they just make themselves look way hot but do then put on something something silly as if to send the message, "I really did try to look ugly but I am just too beautiful." 
  Remember that Halloween scene in Mean Girls when Lilo shows up as Elvira and all her friends were hot nurses? That is Camilla. She is the best.
I also like her talking mime routine.

And I like that she followed my example when she chose a husband that was 100% teaseable (see post below)

And I want to share with you a note she wrote me when she was 14. 

Dear Angela,
  You  may have a better life than me. But you are not better than me.

Sooo True.

Happy Brithday, I forgive you for the time you got the motor to the Tornado Tumbler stuck in my hair. If you forgive me for getting married on your birthday.

I only have one really bad picture of Camilla and I can't find it. Jordan will you email some real bad ones?


Camilla said...

Oh so sweet! You have to see my Prom picture where I thought it would be funny to jump out at the camera (which made me way bigger than everyone else) with the biggest smile on my face and of course they picked that one. Jordan looked like the nice guy who took a "special" girl to prom.

Elliot said...

one reason i love Camilla: most people walk up stairs, camilla doesnt waste her time, she runs up stairs like she's being chased by a jaguar.

Lydia said...

I have some bad pictures!