Friday, June 26, 2009

Don't Stop Till you Get Enough

I've been thinking about the idea of celebrity for a while now. I guess it's been ever since Peter asked me if I thought Oprah was a good person. Saint Oprah you mean? Actually, yes I think that she really is a good person. The problem is that she is fully 100% aware of her goodness. There is nothing worse than a celebrity who know exactly how good and smart they are. There's got to be some Hindu principle that describes what I am talking about. That as soon as you come to a full realization of just how incredible you are, you have lost something. You have taken a step backwards that will be impossible to recover from.

This morning after two major celebrity deaths yesterday, and after reading this great NRO article I am even more nauseated over the idea of fame.
I was listening to an interview that Barbara Walters did with Farrah Faucett in 1980. They were talking about why she left Charlie's Angles after one season and she said that it was because she needs constant intellectual stimulation or else she is bored. This is what I'm talking about. I would be shocked if anyone could find a similar quote from Chistopher Langan or Albert Einstein. But this kinda crap comes out of Hollywood all the time and people just agree and nod. Natalie Portman is fluent in three languages and has a degree from Harvard and you never hear her blabbing about it.
But back to Michael. I liked him. I liked him a lot. I liked him all through the 90's when is wasn't cool to like him. I feel bad for him because he had crappy parents (a crappy childhood that he would never shut up about) and he was surrounded by people who constantly told him what a genius he was. But as a parents and a highly judgemental human, I don't think he was innocent of all those accusations. Celebrity yes, Innocent no.

Still, I'm going to have a blast putting together my MJ tribute playlist for Spinning tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What's wrong with me?

That taking my kids to the park on a beautiful summer day is the worst kind of torture for me?

Would it be better if I went somewhere without a sand box?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hey dude.

Get off my towel! And I just decided that all lower backs are gross. There was a time when lower backs weren't flaunted. Then all that changed.
Thanks a lot Mariah Carey.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Camilla

I like Camilla because whenever she decides to dress up ugly because that would be funny, she seriously tries to look as ugly as possible, unlike most girls who say they think it would be funny to dress ugly and then they just make themselves look way hot but do then put on something something silly as if to send the message, "I really did try to look ugly but I am just too beautiful." 
  Remember that Halloween scene in Mean Girls when Lilo shows up as Elvira and all her friends were hot nurses? That is Camilla. She is the best.
I also like her talking mime routine.

And I like that she followed my example when she chose a husband that was 100% teaseable (see post below)

And I want to share with you a note she wrote me when she was 14. 

Dear Angela,
  You  may have a better life than me. But you are not better than me.

Sooo True.

Happy Brithday, I forgive you for the time you got the motor to the Tornado Tumbler stuck in my hair. If you forgive me for getting married on your birthday.

I only have one really bad picture of Camilla and I can't find it. Jordan will you email some real bad ones?

One Thing Eminem and I have in common

We both rule the world of being able to "dish it out but can't take it"

Seriously? Eminem thinks he can say or rap whatever he wants about whoever he wants. But has no sense of humor when it comes to anything directed at him. 

Remember when that comic dog from Conan tried to have a chat with Eminem a few years back at the Grammys? The same thing happened. "M's" posse seriously messed that dog up, so whoever planned this stunt shouldn't have been too surprised at the reaction.

Which brings me to the topic of myself. I have a rare combination of character traits that might just make me one of the most unbearable humans ever.

I love to make fun of people. 
I think that I am really really funny.
I almost always think that I am the most entertaining and clever person in the room. 
I get very offended and sullen if anyone tries to make fun of me. 

Good thing I was aware of this when I chose a husband ten years ago today. This makes him the best husband on the planet. He lets me mock and embarrass him all I want, knowing full well that if he ever tried to give me back what I fully deserve, I just couldn't take it. I was thinking that for an anniversary present, I was going to allow him to hijack my blog for a day and tell the world about that one Halloween when I discovered that Silver Diner buffalo wings don't agree with my GI tract (ruining my Halloween costume and a friends white bath mat in the process.) But I think I'll just keep that one to myself.