Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day

Now as I am typing this obligatory Mother's day post, I am trying to decide if I should post something that makes me (I am a mother) look good; or something that makes my mom look good. Since my parenting stories usually end with me saying things like, "I guess you can pee off of the deck but you absolutely cannot poop on the deck." Or "I don't feel bad for you, that's what you get for licking a razor." I think that I'll talk about my mom. 

Some of my favorite Shirley-isms.

My Dad's boss: Shirley, how are you going to put all these children through college? Are you an heiress?
Shirley: No, I'm a Virgo.

Shirley: My husband's job isn't anti family, it's just pro work.

Tribune Reporter: Mrs. Scruggs, we are interviewing well known Utahns to find out what they do on Valentine's day, what are your traditions?
Shirley: Oh don't interview us, we never whoop it up on Valentines day.
(of course that direct quote went right into the Trib.)

Has your mom ever called a General Authority "Elder Long Legs" to his face? Mine has.

Does your mom hold a long time grudge against your husband for being called a cheater at Phase 10? Mine does but why would you ever want to cheat at the most boring game on the planet?

Does your husband hold a long time grudge against your mom for eating too much Gouda cheese on her last visit? Of course mine does.

I guess those are the only non- embarrassing things I can think of. This'll have to be a work in progress because I know there are way more Shirley-isms that I am forgetting.

Hope you are having a good day. Hope  you are eating Tim Tams, and sleeping in. Mom, my children miss you like crazy and they are waiting for you to come back so that you can do your "funny run." That isn't really your normal run is it?

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Pete said...

Um, correction. It wasn't "too much." It was ALL OF IT.

And it wasn't so much the cheese. It was the fact that I got home from a long day of work to find the kids running around naked, the house a mess, and all of my Gouda gone-a. And your mom was in town to "help."

But despite the fact that she deals from the bottom of the Phase 10 deck and eats all my cheese, I'm pretty sure there's not a better mother-in-law in the world.

Love ya, Shirley.