Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gone But Not Forgotten

I was sad to put Peter on a plane for the second week in a row. I always miss him when he's gone. 

I was lucky though, this time he left me a little present.

In the shower.

Can't you tell what it is? A giant wad of chewed up gum inside the cap to his shaving cream.

While at a gas station, Peter sees a giant chunk of bubble gum called "Toxic Waste." 

And with that sentence, it should be implied that Pete has horrid judgement when it comes to food choices and gas stations.  Actually food choices in general. I learned that once while we were dating and he ordered shrimp pizza. And I am reminded of this quality again and again every time we go to the Training Table. He starts off the night by ordering the double bacon cheese dog. He finishes the night by spending 75 minutes in the bathroom. Oh wait, actually the night ends with Peter coming out of the bathroom and yelling angrily, "I thought I told you not to let me order that again?"

I was lucky enough to find his surprise before he left. I asked him about it on the way to the airport. He was shocked that I thought he did anything wrong. 

"What was I supposed to do? That gum was so sick."

Oh, you mean the gum that came from the toxic waste wrapper? Huh- go figure. 

I'm a lucky gal.

See you tomorrow babe.


Carrie said...

Oh this entry is hilarious...and all too familiar! That Peter--shrimp pizza? for real?

Elliot said...

remember the wedding last summer, pete was stoked about the giant vase of green bubble gum balls. three challenges, who can blow the biggest bubble, who can chew the most gum balls, and who can spit the gum out of their mouth, then kick the wad the farthest.