Thursday, April 30, 2009

To Bud and Peter

In my young college years, my dad would travel to Japan about once a month on business. Every time he came home, he would bring with him one or two liter bottles of this brown Japanese drink called Mugi Cha. It smelled like a barn, in a good way. 

About a month before I got married, he took me on one of his trips as sort of a sweet father daughter last hurrah. It was really great. During the day, I would go see all the shrines and eat lotsa sushi while he worked. And at night he would take me with him to his business dinners with those lovable Japanese business men, and incredible food. Oh, and he was working with Kent Derricott  or "Kento Derikoto." Kento came with us almost everywhere which was awesome because riding on a train in Tokyo with Kent was like riding on the New York Subway with David Letterman. Famous. People would follow him and he would turn and say something in Japanese (which I assume was clever and funny) and they would all blush and giggle.

The trip seemed perfect until the end when my Dad decided it was the right time to give me the "wedding night talk." It is mortifying enough to have a talk like that with your dad. But try getting that talk in the middle of a crowded train. And in the back of a cab. And in the line at a Japanese McDonald's. My Dad assumed that no one around us could understand English so he talked extra loud to make sure that I could hear him above the noise of a busy public place.

So Peter sent me this commercial and told me that if I didn't put it on my blog, he would never check it again. (It was much funnier the second time.) He had no idea that it was a commercial for my Dad's Mugi Cha which makes it funnier to watch. 



Christine said...

classic, where do you find this stuff. I love getting a good laugh every time I check your blog. It's a highlight.

The Ravenstahls said...

Wow. I had a father daughter trip to Tokyo once... my dad also assumed that the Japanese people around us couldn't understand what we were chatting (bickering) about.
Cool that we are both near enough to 6 feet that no matter the rush hour, we never lost sight of each other on the subway.
Loved the sushi... hated the sweet bean curd... especially when it showed up in my "jelly" donut. I almost sat down on the unaturally clean pavement and cried!

Ashby said...

I don't know what's funnier, the commercial, or the fact that your DAD gave you the wedding night talk. Isn't he supposed to save that talk for his sons?!