Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spencer's Update

I told some of my friends about this blogging feud between my college buddy Spencer and some other girl. Two google reader worthy blogs. We all had a good laugh and learned once again the valuable  lesson, that while the purpose of public blogging is usually to express views, share news, display events and create a constructive dialogue on every subject you can think of; there exist some glass house blogs that you'd better not mock unless you are prepared for a royal cyber lashing.

Here's the point though. Spencer wins with his new blog that chronicles his bike trip through Asia. Spencer found himself with a year to spare so he and his wife Breckan packed up and moved to Thailand. They've joined up with two other guys  and they ride all day, with no idea where they'll sleep or eat. Yes it is very cool, but I'm not sure whether I see this trip as "totally hardcore" or a "digestive tract nightmare." Either way, it's a great read.

I wish that blogging had been around when Pete and I had a year before law school to kill.  You know what we did? Moved the TV into the bedroom of our basement apartment and went through about 3 boxes of Costco taquitos a week. I also spend 4 months pretending to look for a job. And a few times we played some pranks on Ralphie, our landlord's chubby 7 year old. 


Anonymous said...

Breckan is spelled as shown here with a "c"

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