Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It Just Ain't Right

Third day of spring break. First day this week that I've left the house.

We had serious cabin fever because everyone in my house has been diagnosed with either strep throat or Fifth's disease. (If you have been around us this week, sorry. If you have been around us and are pregnant, you need to call your doctor.)

Anyway, we were all going crazy so I planned a little trip. There is this super nice gym in Loudon County (like a 40 minute drive) that I have been wanting to check out so I told my kids that if they came to the gym with me, I'd take them to the Reston Zoo after.

The gym was so sweet. Seriously, like the Ritz of gyms. You know what I discovered though? 

Loudon County : Vienna :: Draper : The East Bench (did I get those colon things right?)

But what I really want to blog about is the zoo.

If you've never been to the Reston Zoo, you need to go. Forget the National Zoo, you can see a panda anytime. Here's the deal. At some point in time, some genius found themselves in possession of millions of dollars of real estate in an upscale residential neighborhood in Reston and decided that the best use of the land would be to open a small overpriced zoo. $50 scored us admission to the zoo plus 3 cups of animal feed and 3 milk bottles to feed the goats. 

The hay ride was where we really got out money's worth. Mister Reston Zoo creator decided to do a little experiment and put a bunch of animals together that really shouldn't be living together. I mean, when you go to the zoo normally, the animals are usually separated according to geography right? Not in Reston. They've pioneered some sort or animal integration thing.

So the hay ride starts and the driver stops about every 50 feet at which point a different bizarre combination of animals approaches/attacks the hay wagon--looking for food I think. 
In this picture, I wanted to show you that we are literally in someones backyard. That is so messed up.

These are some sort of rare African bull. These are the babies, their horns will get 6 feet long. See the American antelope in the background? These animals would never normally have crossed paths, but thanks to the Reston Zoo . . .

About 10 feet later, we see the buffalo. If you've ever been to antelope island, then I don't have to tell you how frozen with fear I was when I took this picture.

I've never thought to my self, "A llama and an emu would probably be great friends if they ever got the chance." But at the Reston Zoo  . . . 

Then here was the best part. 
Most animals seemed to be unaffected by this forced animal integration. Not the camel. He has gone mad. 

He thought he'd taste this yummy looking lattice work. Mmmm boy. Prrre-ttty good. 

He ate about half the fence before a zoo worker came and punched him in the neck.

1 camel
1 zebra
2 buffalo
2 emus
8 llamas
25 short deer
10 normal deer
16 antelope
2 African Bulls
I might be missing something but you get the picture. It reminds me of a previous post. Mmm, where was it . . .  oh yes, International Night  

They should throw in a lion and and a crocodile. I can't think of any reason why that wouldn't work. If a camel and a buffalo can do it . . . 


Jessie said...

"...before a zoo worker came and punched him in the neck." HAhaHAhaha

And of course I don't mind the link!

Betsy Young said...

Sophie was on my lap while I was reading this post. She saw the picture of the buffalo and said, "Ew! That's creepy!"

Lara said...

My kids actually asked me NOT to take them back to the Reston Zoo after we went there.