Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dunno the girl

But she blogged about the top names to come out of Rexburg last year. 

What I love is that she broke the names down into obvious categories.

The "To-Be-Expecteds" (mix-n-match)

The "sound it outs"

Completely Unnecessary Extra T's

Hilarious Twin Combinations

and my favorite

What the EFF's
                                                                                                         Thanks Megan


MandoRama said...

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for turning me onto this post. She has put everything I've ever felt about baby naming into the perfect rant. She's from Rexburg, huh? Interesting . . . she left one recent Idaho baby name off the list that really should have been there . . .

Alicia said...

It just made my day that I rediscovered your blog (I had to look in the depths of my rarely used yahoo account for the address). It was fun seeing you and walking for 8 hours Saturday. You and your kids were good sports. Love the names. This gives me good ideas for baby #2- not that it's on the way. Has Em seen this post?!!

Anonymous said...

You’ve got to admit this is a funny post. She is from Idaho but clever enough to be in Virginia.

Jessie said...

Born in Rexburg Idaho, moved to Kansas, moved to Alaska, moved to Virginia (!), moved to Nevada (military brat), met my husband, moved back to Rexburg where he was going to school (weird huh?), and moved to Arizona the second he graduated ;-)

Ashby said...

LOL! I'm so glad you posted this Ang! Absolutely loved that post! Thank you Jessie for putting into words what the rest of us can't! YOu are a genius!

Megan Healey Taylor said...

I am proud to have contributed. See you in PA! :)