Thursday, April 30, 2009

To Bud and Peter

In my young college years, my dad would travel to Japan about once a month on business. Every time he came home, he would bring with him one or two liter bottles of this brown Japanese drink called Mugi Cha. It smelled like a barn, in a good way. 

About a month before I got married, he took me on one of his trips as sort of a sweet father daughter last hurrah. It was really great. During the day, I would go see all the shrines and eat lotsa sushi while he worked. And at night he would take me with him to his business dinners with those lovable Japanese business men, and incredible food. Oh, and he was working with Kent Derricott  or "Kento Derikoto." Kento came with us almost everywhere which was awesome because riding on a train in Tokyo with Kent was like riding on the New York Subway with David Letterman. Famous. People would follow him and he would turn and say something in Japanese (which I assume was clever and funny) and they would all blush and giggle.

The trip seemed perfect until the end when my Dad decided it was the right time to give me the "wedding night talk." It is mortifying enough to have a talk like that with your dad. But try getting that talk in the middle of a crowded train. And in the back of a cab. And in the line at a Japanese McDonald's. My Dad assumed that no one around us could understand English so he talked extra loud to make sure that I could hear him above the noise of a busy public place.

So Peter sent me this commercial and told me that if I didn't put it on my blog, he would never check it again. (It was much funnier the second time.) He had no idea that it was a commercial for my Dad's Mugi Cha which makes it funnier to watch. 


Friday, April 17, 2009

Nah, I don't buy it.

Camilla just sent me this article about how Yo Gabba Gabba (the best show ever) was invented by two Mormon dads. There are several reasons why I don't believe that. Mostly I don't believe that a show like that could be thought without the use of any drugs. Strong illegal drugs.

What are you going to try to tell me next Camilla, that a Mormon invented the television? Come on man.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spencer's Update

I told some of my friends about this blogging feud between my college buddy Spencer and some other girl. Two google reader worthy blogs. We all had a good laugh and learned once again the valuable  lesson, that while the purpose of public blogging is usually to express views, share news, display events and create a constructive dialogue on every subject you can think of; there exist some glass house blogs that you'd better not mock unless you are prepared for a royal cyber lashing.

Here's the point though. Spencer wins with his new blog that chronicles his bike trip through Asia. Spencer found himself with a year to spare so he and his wife Breckan packed up and moved to Thailand. They've joined up with two other guys  and they ride all day, with no idea where they'll sleep or eat. Yes it is very cool, but I'm not sure whether I see this trip as "totally hardcore" or a "digestive tract nightmare." Either way, it's a great read.

I wish that blogging had been around when Pete and I had a year before law school to kill.  You know what we did? Moved the TV into the bedroom of our basement apartment and went through about 3 boxes of Costco taquitos a week. I also spend 4 months pretending to look for a job. And a few times we played some pranks on Ralphie, our landlord's chubby 7 year old. 

Friday, April 10, 2009

Aww Man

Am I the only one deeply saddned by the suckiness of the new Black Eyed Peas song?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It Just Ain't Right

Third day of spring break. First day this week that I've left the house.

We had serious cabin fever because everyone in my house has been diagnosed with either strep throat or Fifth's disease. (If you have been around us this week, sorry. If you have been around us and are pregnant, you need to call your doctor.)

Anyway, we were all going crazy so I planned a little trip. There is this super nice gym in Loudon County (like a 40 minute drive) that I have been wanting to check out so I told my kids that if they came to the gym with me, I'd take them to the Reston Zoo after.

The gym was so sweet. Seriously, like the Ritz of gyms. You know what I discovered though? 

Loudon County : Vienna :: Draper : The East Bench (did I get those colon things right?)

But what I really want to blog about is the zoo.

If you've never been to the Reston Zoo, you need to go. Forget the National Zoo, you can see a panda anytime. Here's the deal. At some point in time, some genius found themselves in possession of millions of dollars of real estate in an upscale residential neighborhood in Reston and decided that the best use of the land would be to open a small overpriced zoo. $50 scored us admission to the zoo plus 3 cups of animal feed and 3 milk bottles to feed the goats. 

The hay ride was where we really got out money's worth. Mister Reston Zoo creator decided to do a little experiment and put a bunch of animals together that really shouldn't be living together. I mean, when you go to the zoo normally, the animals are usually separated according to geography right? Not in Reston. They've pioneered some sort or animal integration thing.

So the hay ride starts and the driver stops about every 50 feet at which point a different bizarre combination of animals approaches/attacks the hay wagon--looking for food I think. 
In this picture, I wanted to show you that we are literally in someones backyard. That is so messed up.

These are some sort of rare African bull. These are the babies, their horns will get 6 feet long. See the American antelope in the background? These animals would never normally have crossed paths, but thanks to the Reston Zoo . . .

About 10 feet later, we see the buffalo. If you've ever been to antelope island, then I don't have to tell you how frozen with fear I was when I took this picture.

I've never thought to my self, "A llama and an emu would probably be great friends if they ever got the chance." But at the Reston Zoo  . . . 

Then here was the best part. 
Most animals seemed to be unaffected by this forced animal integration. Not the camel. He has gone mad. 

He thought he'd taste this yummy looking lattice work. Mmmm boy. Prrre-ttty good. 

He ate about half the fence before a zoo worker came and punched him in the neck.

1 camel
1 zebra
2 buffalo
2 emus
8 llamas
25 short deer
10 normal deer
16 antelope
2 African Bulls
I might be missing something but you get the picture. It reminds me of a previous post. Mmm, where was it . . .  oh yes, International Night  

They should throw in a lion and and a crocodile. I can't think of any reason why that wouldn't work. If a camel and a buffalo can do it . . . 

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dunno the girl

But she blogged about the top names to come out of Rexburg last year. 

What I love is that she broke the names down into obvious categories.

The "To-Be-Expecteds" (mix-n-match)

The "sound it outs"

Completely Unnecessary Extra T's

Hilarious Twin Combinations

and my favorite

What the EFF's
                                                                                                         Thanks Megan