Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's up with kids not being allowed to watch Spongebob? I am not trying to be a jerk, I am genuinely curious. A handful of times, we'll be having a kid over for a play date and when I turn on the TV, the kid says, "Oh, I"m not allowed to watch Spongebob." All of those kids are allowed to watch Jimmy Neutron, and Hannah Montana but not Spongebob

I'm sure that there is a good explanation for this because all these kids have moms who are better women than I. Enlighten me please. 

Because, otherwise I will be forced to judge you. I will assume that you have never actually seen an episode of SB but its animation reminds you of the 90's "Ren and Stimpy" so you assume that it is equally crass and offensive. I will also assume that you have never watched an episode of Jimmy Neutron; a show that teaches very clear lessons on elitism and exclusion. And, unless you are watching  Dora or PBS, the language on cartoons are all the same.

I'm just sayin', that if you are like me and affectionately call that flat screen (that I couldn't afford) the "third parent" then you should at least be screening everything they watch. Don't judge a show by its animation style. I would rather my children watch something based on total nonsense, than learning that if you are different in any way, you should not be included.

I am really not trying insult anyone, but I sincerely want to know what your standards for Nick and Disney shows are. I learned most of my Church history from South Park episodes so maybe my cartoon guidelines could use some tweaking.


Mema of 4 said...

For some reason I thought SpongeBob was not a "wholesome" show until I watched it. Now, I know that in all of its' silliness it actually teaches good lessons. SB himself is a good guy and sees only the good in others. Even evil Plankton is harmless. Those that don't allow it to be watched in their homes probably haven't watched it themselves.

Shelby said...

OK, you know I"m not a TV snob, but SpongeBob is NA in our house (that's my dad's acronym for Not Allowed).

It's kind of easy since we don't have Nick (why would we pay for that when we have Basic Cable and accidently get Bravo, Comedy Central, & Fox News for free?).

We just say no to Bob because it's rated "S" for stupid. (that's another thing from my childhood--the stupid ranking). It's also rated "A" for annoying

Nathan & Michelle Watabe said...

We don't watch it either. Mostly because it bugs me. Their voices grate on my nerves and they seem to be arguing a lot and calling each other rude names.

Although, I am totally guilty of having selective standards. I used to say only somewhat educational shows (sesame street, little einsteins, backyardigans, super why, wonder pets), then we started taping spiderman cartoons and ben ten cartoons. I have since stopped taping those and deleted them all (much to the horror of Harrison). But then we rented T.M.N. Turtles from the library. Plus my child plays over an hour of video games a day. Okay, honestly it's probaly 2 hours. I have got to work on that. So yeah, we mostly don't watch SB because it bugs me. I guess I really don't have as many morals as I thought.

Shlepn7 said...

Like most great shows that don't know when to quit when they're ahead, SB has sadly gotten annoying. But the early ones are still fun to watch. We all used to love the Simpsons but that also wore out it's welcome in our house when they started getting really stupid. I am always surprised to hear they are still making them. Anyway, peeps who hate sponge bob haven't never seen him in a french maid's costume.

kelberology 101 said...

I, personally, hate SpongeBob, but I hate cartoons in general. But futhermore my kids watch SpongeBob and I don't care. I believed President Hinckley when he said, "Do the best you can." I do not say this lightheartly, but sometimes, SpongeBob is the best I can do for that moment in time. I do better when I can and have them turn off the TV everyonce in a while.

Anonymous said...

I heard he vote No on Prop 8.....


Ashby said...

I have a sister-in-law who won't let any of her kids watch Sponge Bob and to this day I can't figure out why. Sure his voice is annoying and the story plots are incredibly corny, but from the shows I have seen there's never been anything of questionable content.

From what I've read, most people find the show annoying, or stupid, or maybe they are offended that Sponge Bob voted for Prop 8. Whatever the reason, I can come up with about 20 other cartoons I'd rather my kids not see before Sponge Bob.

Let's start with The Doodle Bops. 100% scary. And the over the top flamboyant male characters are enough to send me to a mental institution.

Or how about The Wonder Pets or the Backyardigans with those repetitive songs that get stuck in your head all day?

Or what about all those cartoons WE watched growing up. I watch them now and I think to myself - "I actually ENJOYED those shows?!" Scooby Doo and the ghosts and monsters he chased was probably WAY more traumatizing than an episode of Sponge Bob trying to save his Crabby Pattie.

Go ahead and judge people, but Sponge Bob is as welcome in our house as Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Little Einsteins, Dora, The Wiggles, and The Imagination Movers.