Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Since This is my Journal Guyeeeess

Dear Diary,
 Happy St. Patty's day. I started this day out by reading Heart of Darkness at 5:00 am, so it was already sorta doomed from the beginning. (Seriously, I chose that book? I have this new years resolution to read every book that was ever assigned to me that I did not actually read and chose to BS my way through instead.) Then I cashed in all my babysitting chips with Wendy so that I could take Lize to a doctors appointment. I hate using up childcare capital on necessary things. And I hate that a doctor  doesn't care about making you wait for an hour but if you were to show up an hour late, they would laugh in your face. Is your time really that much more valuable than mine you lowly Neurologist?
 Then, about half way through the day, I ran into an enemy realtor who I have been trying to get a hold of for 3 years because she owes me a couple hundred dollars. She won't answer my calls or emails but when we saw each other, she worked her realtor magic and all of the sudden she's kissing my baby and we were laughing and hugging and she's showing me two houses tomorrow.
 The final kick in the crotch was when I ran out of gas in McLean. On a busy street. With all my kids. At bed/dinner time. I won't waste time telling you what an upscale town McLean is, but I sat there for an hour watching luxury cars zip by my lowly Honda, and it was great. A couple of times I tried to push the car off the road (humiliating) and not a single person even thought about slowing down. Because we didn't get to eat until 10, my Irish meal of corned beef and cabbage was way over done. And there's nothing Peter hates more than stringy meat-- except maybe celebrity gossip and bad punctuation. 


Molly said...

rumor has it you have a pretty funny little email going around about a certain special someone... i want in on that action... mollycjones@gmail.com

Nathan & Michelle Watabe said...

I had a terrible day on Monday and my gas light was on for much of the afternoon, but there was never a good time to stop as Harrison was late to be dropped off and picked up from school amidst all the errands. Anyway, I kept thinking, "If I run out of gas that's really going to be the perfect ending to this day." I'm sorry you had to experience my nightmare for real.

alexandra said...

Ang, only you can make people laugh at what sounds like a truly awful day.