Thursday, February 26, 2009

Typical--in so many ways.

My sister-in-law forwarded me an email with this clipped newspaper article in it.

I won't get into the timeless but oh so fascinating and productive debate about whether or not women should work, or have kids, or work and have kids, even though I just love love love to judge people and then see how many times I can use the word bon bon in a sentence. 

My point is that anytime I have a some shred of evidence to prove to my husband that I am overworked and under appreciated, (which I am not, shhhh) I make sure he knows about it. So I fwd-ed the fwd to him. 

His response:
I've got to say whichever SAHM started this email chain gets no sympathy from me. Clipping a newspaper article? Who the heck does that anymore? Ever heard of a little thing called the Internet? That takes like five times as much time as getting the link for the dumb thing. And it's not like whoever clipped it is some Luddite. They have a scanner and email. Dollars to doughnuts she's one of the moms that drive you crazy. Making life a lot harder than it needs to be because she's stupid or a sympathy addict.

  Yo P! Just for that, I am going to keep spending the 47 hours and $200 the two days before Halloween to hand sew all my kids costumes and then complain about it instead of actually learning to sew or just buying costumes. Peter dear, I'm afraid the words "stupid" and "sympathy addict" are going to come back to haunt you someday. I don't know when, and I don't know how. But someday, when you least expect it. . . . 


kelberology 101 said...

Just tell Pete that you HAVE heard of the internet and you are buying all your kids Halloween costumes online this year!

Pete said...

Add 'em to the list.

And you need to bracket "dumb." I don't use that word.

alexandra said...

Angela, have I told you how much I love your blog? Seriously, whenever I need a laugh, I know I can come to you.

And Pete, I'd be scared, very scared.