Monday, February 16, 2009

Best Wii Game Ever

I am going to skip past Valentines day for now because I am still trying to get Peter's permission to blog about his last minute decision about what he really wanted. (Pete, your are not gonna get it, so we might as well all just laugh about it and move on.)

Okay, back to our new game. As you know, on the nintendo Wii, you are able to create a mii that looks just like you. It's pretty fun and you have a variety of facial features to choose from. Lize thought it would be cute to create come miis that looked like some of her friends. So here's the game Jonah invented.

Make Veronica Look Like a Pedophile.

Seriously, it's so fun. Here's how Veronica started.

Jonah just changed a few things, and here's how she ended up.

After that, Jonah went from looking like this,

To  make himself look like this,

He thought it was much more him. And his name is j0 (j, zero)

Then, Liza saw what Jonah had done to her best friend,  and she freaked out.
Jonah ended up "fixing" Veronica and now she looks like this,

Liza hasn't noticed that Veronica still has a 4'0'clock shadow. 

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MandoRama said...

Hahaha - awesome post, A! (Poor Pete) And you just KNOW that Jonah's two characters drive windowless cargo vans.