Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Attic: An Old School Scrapbook

I ventured up into the attic for the first time since squirrelgate and ended up spending about two hours cleaning up poop, and another two hours walking down memory lane.

Here are some things I found.
    High school/college backpack- now half the people who read this blog are between the ages of 20 and 24, coincidentally those are the people who hate me the most so I won't try to make them understand the way I felt when I put on a backpack that I hadn't worn in 9 years. The straps are still adjusted so that the backpack sits as low down my back as possible because it looked cooler that way. I really wish that I had forgotten to take everything out of the bag but it was empty.

   A picture of Peter with a couple of the cool girls from high school, one of them was his girlfriend. I am happy to report that they were all ugly. 

  A picture of me holding baby Eliza during our summer in Singapore. One of the few pictures we have because our camera was lost at the end of our trip. We have always thought that some evil Asian had stolen it, but from the looks of that picture it is pretty clear what happened to the camera. I ate it.

  One of Pete's mix tapes labeled "Make Out '89."

 This picture I found mounted on a plaque confuses me though. I mean, I know how awesome I am. I try to be humble and all, but somethings you just can't help. So if I am so incredibly, well, incredible.... then what am I doing in this picture? 

  Based on how cool I am, it is pretty much scientifically impossible that I would be a member of a Utah Valley middle school drama team that cast me as a fairy in the Merry Wives of Windsor. 

  I think I am going to have to dust off that time machine that I thought I didn't have any use for. See ya folks, I'm headed back to 1992 to beat myself up. 


sara said...

Hmmm. So either Pete was making out with girls when he was 11, or else he made a cool tape of circa 1985 songs to make out to when he was older? I'm so confused. OR he made the tape when he was 11 and labeled in such a way that he knew that anyone who came across it would think it was a total mac daddy. Probably.

So I trust that the squirrels have been properly and ethically disposed of?

Angela Jensen said...

Did I say '85? Oops, I meant '89. My bad, hold on I'll change that.

Camilla said...

At least you weren't stage crew.

alexandra said...

Scary thing was, you were, like, SOOOOO easy to pick out of the lineup. Haven't read your blog in a while, and it was great to laugh loud and hard again!

kelberology 101 said...

could you please go back to 1985 and beat me up too?!

Cat said...

Angela, you crack me up. But at least you're not the poor girl in the green leotard and Teva sandals. Ouch. (But if she is a friend and reading this comment, that is not to say that she isn't totally cute otherwise!)

Also, why DID our husbands date such ugly girls in high school? Hmmm... so weird.

Christine said...

I love the fact that we were friends back then. I should be somewhere in that old scrapbook doing cartwheels on the beach or having babysitter club sleepovers. Classic!

Lara said...

I was checking my email yesterday and Cami was looking over my shoulder and asked me, "Oh is this Sister Jensen's blog?" while pointing directly at a picture of Angelina Jolie.

It got me to thinking...Angela--Angelina. You both have illustrious acting careers. Hmmm...maybe you have a long lost twin?