Friday, January 23, 2009

The only thing more pathetic than The Bachelor

Is a single dad bachelor who goes out on a date with a single mom bachelorette. (Nothing against single moms and dads, just don't go on the show.)

This was my most excruciating TV moment of the past week, and I watch A LOT of TV so that's sayin' somethin'. You don't have to be a Bachelor fan (or non-fan) to enjoy the painfulness of this. 

The creepiness of the woman is off the charts. Don't watch all ten minutes of this unless you want your face to light on fire, 3-5 minutes should be sufficient

Have you ever seen Problem Child 2? What am I thinking, of course you have! You can probably guess what I'm about to say. "Stephanie" totally reminds me of  the "problem child's" step mom"TaWanda." 

Thank you mother, for never getting botox and then going all psycho lovey on me in public. One less therapy visit for me. Wahoo!


Melissa said...

okay, I threw up in my mouth a couple of times with that one. EWWW! That was so wrong in so many ways. Her face was so plastic looking too. No movement.

Anonymous said...

sounds like your trying to be so understanding of someone's situation. I mean you obviously have so much understanding of how she must feel after her tragic situation. Cynicism gets old though.

Camilla said...
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The Galan Family said...

That was the most awkward thing I have ever seen. I just wanted it to End! I have to admit, I have never been sucked in by the show The Bachelor, but I was this time because my sister knew one of the Utah girls on the first episode. They didn't make it past the first night. Now I'm sucked in. She does remind me of the mother on Problem Child 2! That was a Claflin family favorite. She's had a little too much plastic surgery, but I don't think the Bachelor has many other options.

Anonymous said...

can we please bring Natalie back? finally someone who appreciates bears.

Cara said...

Who takes their kid to lego land in a white frilly dress? Strange.

Anonymous said...

Wow sophia must really be special, i mean a kid that "loves life and toys and new things." So eloquently put by the bachelor. I mean i cant believe the producer were able to find a child that fit that description. So special.

Every time that lady says "Brffday" i almost keeled over dead.