Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Me? Jealous? Nooooooo

Can you believe my good friend Anon. said that my blog has a "jealous attitude?" I was very impressed and surprised by the comment. I was impressed that someone could write something so eloquent and yet so douchey at the same time. Serious skills. I was surprised because I have never been thought of as a jealous person. I mean, look at these pictures of the birthday cakes I made over the weekend. With talent like mine, what in the world would I ever have to be jealous about? 

Some people call these cakes. 
I call them culinary and decorative perfection. (Obviously it's a bear)

Yes, I did do these myself.  
No, I am not a professional (decorator and photographer.) 
And Yes, that is the entire  $9 bottle of Martha Stewart 4th of July sprinkles on top of the cake. 

These cakes remind me of my new favorite find.  The Cake Wrecks Blog that the "Stringham Conspiracy" introduced me to. I go there whenever I am having a bad day. And also whenever I am hungry.

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The Galan Family said...

Wow, could Anon be a little somebody from a few months ago that is STILL making sure you keep your blog in check? Someone has even MORE time on their hands than even you and me Ang. You seriously are a culinary genius. Those cakes are masterpieces. When I saw your title I immediately thought of the one-legged farting chick played by Amy Poehler on SNL :) Love it.