Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I've been thinking

  I know the holidays are over, but Pete just reminded me of the number one reason why I like snow at Christmas. It's because snow is a flame retardant coating for the front lawn. Dad, do you remember that one time a couple days after Christmas, we were sitting around thinking about what to do with the tree? Well I don't know which awesome person came up with idea but  a couple a minutes later, the tree was in our snowy front lawn and we were all laughing and  pouring gasoline all over that mother. 

Tree + Gas + A Lit Match+ Love= 

I haven't tried it on the East Coast for obvious weather related reasons. But I live in a townhouse and I have a family of Koreans to my left and a couple of angry Philadelphians who love to call the cops on my right. So I'm guessing that the results would be doubly rewarding. 


Lydia said...

and it was the best Christmas ever...

sara said...

Yay I'm so glad you found us! You're a hilarious writer; it's been really fun to browse through your blog and it will be great to be able to keep in touch this way instead of only through annual Christmas cards (loved yours, by the way!) and when the boys call each other on their birthdays :)

I'll definitely be showing this to Aaron tonight ~ keep up the awesome writing & have a great week!

Camilla said...

not their brightest idea, not their worst idea.