Thursday, January 15, 2009

International Night '09

 At the end of every year, when my kids' school lets out for the Winter break. I always end up feeling a little frustrated by the school's policy on holidays, celebrations and fun in general. While the county is happy to "recognize" every holiday, they are scared to death to celebrate anything. 

  If you celebrate a holiday that isn't on this list, I'll flip.

 My point is, every January, just when I'm feeling bitter and defensively patriotic; our International Night rolls around. Now there are kids from about fifty countries in the school and part of the evening consists of a fashion show. So I get all huffy and I find myself saying words I hate, "It's the principle of the thing," about hundred times. And before my kids know it, they've been signed up for the International fashion show to represent Mormon Pioneers. I make them put on bonnets and aprons and march (or should I say walk and walk and walk) them to the school. "After all," I say, "It's International Night-- not Foreign Night, jeez." I pull into the parking lot feeling very smug until I walk through the school doors. And then I see kids like this.

 And I feel like such a jerk.
From right to left, see if you can pick out Somalia, Afghanistan, Phillipenes, Vietnam.

My love for India intensifies. Cricket player on the left-- how cute is that?

This New Zealand boy reminded me of high school--white kid who won't quit doing the Ka Mate haka.

 Somalian girls are even cuter in focus.

There were so many kids, we needed two different fashion shows. And keep in mind these are actual children from different countries, not kids whose parents just went there and brought back cool costumes.

(Let me just say again (because every time I put pictures up, there is a lot of confusion) that I really am not a professional photographer. It is just a passion I swear. Hard to believe, I know.)

I went home from International Night feeling a different sort of Patriotism-- not the smug kind.


MandoRama said...

You would NEVER see this in Utah. And that's unfortunate.

Camilla said...

Those Somalian girls are so cute. You are such an amazing photographer.