Thursday, December 11, 2008


Okay, there are two kinds of places in this country. Places where people pay attention to the weather reports, and places where people don't. 
Take for example Utah, where my ruts are. Why in the world do you need the weather report? Summer: it is either hot, or not that hot.  Winter: it will either snow today, or tomorrow. Fall: it's colder than it should be but whatever. And Spring: the forecast is that just when the sun comes out and I think I'll get a break from my seasonal affective disorder, BAM, another snowstorm. 
Ol' Virginy on the other hand is quite a different story. People listen to the weather (wait for it, wait for it-- you guessed it) religiously. There is a heat index, a humidity index. Rain, Fog, sleet, snow, tornadoes, everything you can think of. The wintry mix is my personal favorite. I thought just one guy made it up but it is a real weather term.

Once I was in Utah in December and my teen brother came into the room wearing shorts. At this point I had become a full fledged classy but condescending East coasterner. So I said, "Dallin, it's freezing outside, why are you wearing shorts?" Dallin looked at me like I was some kind of moron and said, "It's freezing and it's December, why would I ever want to go outside?" And that's when I realized something,  Dallin was wise and cool beyond his years. 

Oh wait, I wasn't going to talk about weather, I wanted to talk about traffic. I was telling some people about this traffic report. I think Stacey gave it to me. Listen to it. It'll make your day.

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Shlepn7 said...

yep, that traffic report from utardia indeed made my day. o my gosh.