Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My town can beat up your town

Remember my Halloween house? Well I must give credit where credit is due. We found that little gem at the tacky Christmas tree lights of Northern Virginia website.  Now I know your fun city that you love (but didn't necessarily choose to live in but that's where your hub got into grad school so you have to let us know how awesome it is) has a pumpkin patch, and like the best fireworks evah. But do you have lights as awesome as these?

We used to go see the Temple lights but we got tired of all the walking and sometimes live Nativities make me uncomfortable okay? So this tradition is much more my style. We take a tour to see the tacky Christmas tree lights of Northern Virgnina and then go to the sketchy Krispy Kreme in Alexandria. Here are our two favorite houses.


The picture doesn't really do this one justice. But the property is huge and they give a full on light show. Tune your radio to 88.1 and the lights are perfectly synchronized with the Christmas music that plays. It's like 23 minutes of entertainment.

Okay, here's the big enchilada.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

Is there even a house in there?

A close up. $2g electric bill (I like to say g instead of thousand because it's gangsta)

the yard

A close up of the roof. 

We told the home owner it looked great and he said, "Come back next week and it'll be done."
I love it.

I dare you to top that.


susan said...

That is awesome! I love the candy canes in the trees. Love the attention to detail.

Shlepn7 said...

We went to the krispy kreme house 2 years ago. There are no words. I think my husband is skipping the temple lights and taking his YM there instead.

Melissa said...

Are they the same ones with the Halloween display (that sounds nice, doesn't it?)? It looks like a similar house, oh, who am I kidding... I can't even see the house.

kelberology 101 said...

I am so glad that you liked my house this season. we tried really hard.

Tiffany said...

I am totally a voyeur on your blog. My sister Betsy Haslam suggested it as therapy and we laugh so hard we cry. Your blog makes me super sad I didn't take pics of the yards here in L.A. by us. Not quite as much wattage, but people out here think it's neat to staple white quilt batting to your roof and cover your lawn with it to represent snow. It's unbelievable. . . I'll take pics next year. . .