Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm off

So I'm going to Australia today. Yes. Today. I have had this trip planned for almost 6 months and it's finally here, I can't believe it. But you if there is one thing I have learned during my trip preparation conversations, it's that most of my friends are dumb. Here's how the conversations go.

Me: So our whole family is going to Australia for Thanksgiving.
Them: Wow! How long is the flight?
Me: 20 hours total. 5 to LA, 15 to Sydney.
Them: Ohmygosh with all your kids? You are "brave."
Me: I know
Them: Hey do you think you'll see a Kangaroo?

  Now here's the thing. If I wanted to see my family, I would go to Utah. If I wanted to go to a fun beach, I would go to Florida or California. If I wanted to go to a different country where people had funny accents, I would go to London. 

  Trust me, I am not going to sit on a plane for 20+ hours with 4 kids and a hubby (all of which have some gross stomach virus) just to see my family, sit on a beach, or hear a funny accent. 
  If I don't see a Kangaroo. No Wait. If I am not eating Kangaroo within hours of my arrival, I am going to be very disappointed. I want to box with a Kanga. I want my kids to ride and kiss one. I want Sloane to sit in a pouch. 

edit: Ok I was just trying to be funny when I said that thing about eating a Kangaroo, but guess what? I just found out that they actually have hot dogs made from Kangaroo meat. Get this they're called kanga bangas. This trip might be worth it after all.


Camilla said...

You have to eat Kangaroo Jerky so yummy! Have fun, I can't wait to hear all about the flight.

t-dizzle lang-sizzle said...

forget kangaroo. the crocodile is were its at. Serious. get some croc jerkey. And i also think u have to try a bitter beer. It is possibly the grossest sickest stuff i have ever tasted but its part of the experience, and itll def give u somethin to bog about.

The Galan Family said...

oh you have such a charmed life! Jetting off to Australia for Thanksgiving. Hope you have a wonderful time. Later.

bribets said...

Come home! I miss your blog entries!