Friday, November 7, 2008


 So I'm thinking of getting an intern. 
Katie Couric told me (personally almost) that the things a SAHM does are like worth over 100K. So what intern wouldn't want to get in on a piece of that right?
Have you SAHMs ever gone to a party where you are the only one in your profession? You tell everyone what you do for a living and get these weird looks and awkward silences? 

Whatever that look and awkward silence means (and I'm prrretty sure it's because of jealousy) I have the solution. I think that if I had an intern follow me around. I would have a little bit more cred yo.

 Oh the things an intern could learn from me. I'd take said intern to all my playgroups, game nights, and carpool routes. I'd force the intern to be totally caught up on about 12 TV shows. The intern would follow me around Target and save all Restoration Hardware catalogues. The intern would wait patiently outside the bathroom for about three hours a day, and outside the gym for another couple of hours (gym won't waive guest fee for interns.)

And that's just the stuff the intern would watch me do. So here's the best part. All of the crappy stuff I have to do as a MOM, I'd make the intern do!

People would ask, "Who's that with you?" And I'd say in a very important voice. "Oh that's my intern." They'd be so impressed.

Now accepting applications. 

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