Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Comments Dilema

So Spencer's cyber feud reminds me of the days of my own E-spat. I've been thinking about comments, our weapons of choice on the blogspot. Every time I look at my settings, I wonder if I should change them. As of now, I am open to all who have something to say. It sends a message that everyone is welcome here; the friendly and the spineless alike. The funny thing is is that the anonymous comments reveal much more about a person than any comment with a name next to it. Here are some examples of comments I've received.

fun and more fun

You're preachin' to the choir baby! I don't think I'm funny or normal, and I am totally aware of how few friends I have.

Wait, I take that back, I do think I'm pretty funny but at the same time I understand the fact that I am probably not actually funny to anyone else. I'm ok with that.

Now I'm not trying to dig  up things that are past, but with these eloquent words in mind, I have found the perfect model to follow when deciding what to do with my comments. 

My good friend Andrea even posted and empathetic comment on Paige's blog. I have been trying to post comments for days and they keep getting deleted. I haven't even been trying to say anything mean (and I know mean)!
What's the deal? 

She's a genius! That's the deal.

So here's my plan: 

  • No one anonymous allowed.
  • If you say something that I think is rude- I'll remove it.
  • If your post has words that are too big-- I'll remove it.
Ways to keep your post up on my blog. 
  • Comments about how pretty I am
  • Comments about how mean, mean people are
  • Good use of the word douche

Seriously though, I don't think you are a coward if you don't want to allow creepy anonymous comments. But if you write something on your blog, you have to own it.


Camilla said...
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Spencer said...

Angela, you are an awful mom and hypocrite and I'm begining to doubt Jesus' love for you. Don't worry though, I'll pray for you.