Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Talk about style!

So I had a couple of free hours at the mall the other day, which never happens. By the way, when I say free, I mean no baby, no errands to Gymboree, no screaming at kids to get their feet out of the indoor fountain. You know.
  And what was the first store I ran into? Not the two story Forever21, not the Apple store or Bloomingdales.

Well I'll just tell you that I saw this beauty.

I know to the untrained eye, this looks like one of those expensive Louis Vuitton bags right? Right I know! 
But look a little closer, those aren't little LV symbols. 
Oh,  um. 
No that's not it. 
What are they ?

Look closer.

J. C. with a cross.

You guessed it. I found this bag at my favorite Christian store. And I bought it in like two seconds. Because if you can't show people at church that you've got great taste, than where can you show it? 

Nothing says 'I have something to prove' like a knock off. But this is waaay better than a knock-off, because if people notice that it's not real, I can be like, "Oh of course it doesn't say Louis Vuitton. Jeez Man, where are your priorities?" 


Lydia said...

Angela you are one classy brod.

The Galan Family said...

Wow, you are so cool and righteous. You show all those designer obsessed snobs what and who is always in style. Okay did you really buy it? Do tell.

bribets said...

Makes for a great scripture bag, huh?

MandoRama said...

WWJD? (What Would Jesus Design?)