Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Standardized Tests

Today, Shea came home with a letter from the school announcing that they are starting standardized testing this week. 

Scary! I'll find out which one of my kids will need to start practicing the phrase "you want fries with that?" (with an accent of course)

But wait-- Ok, this is what the letter says about the test (known as the NNATest.)

"It is designed to assess ability without requiring the student to read, write, or speak."

Seriously? A test that can tell how smart you are without having to read, write or speak?

Is this possible?
Are they bringing in psychics?
Maybe they have some magical machine?
If anyone has any information about the NNATest or some magic beans, I would like to talk to you asap. (I have quick question about time travel.)

Now I have to tell you that about 20 years ago, Fifth grade Peter's parents got a letter from John's Hopkins. It basically said, "we think your son is a genius and we would like him to take the SAT." So 9 year old lil Pete, took the SAT. A few months later, another letter came. It basically said, "never mind." If only they would have had the NNATest back then, things would have turned out so different for you Pete, so so different.

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