Friday, October 3, 2008

Organic versus Convetional

Obviously-- organic on the right, conventional on the left. This is what I saw at Wegman's today.


When Eliza was in preschool, her special-ed class went on a field trip to Whole Foods. The lady giving the tour asked the class teacher if she want her to teach the kids about the difference between organic and conventional. The teacher explained that that might be a little bit over the kids' heads and maybe she could just talk about how fruits and veggies are healthy. The Whole Foods lady shot the teacher an icy stare and then spent the rest of the hour keeping a safe distance from the kids because she didn't want to catch handicap. 
  Ever since then, I decided I would never shop and Whole Foods, never buy organic, and never recycle (just to really stick it too her.) But at the end of of the tour she gave out these incredible eclairs so I had to take back that thing about shopping at Whole foods. 
  Now after seeing the difference between organic and conventional, I might have to take that back too. You organic folks are really eating that much better than me?

You'll never get me to recycle. I'm standing by that one.


The Galan Family said...

I barely started to recycle just a few months before I moved to Georgia. I didn't know that almost everyone else did. We did not grow up recycling in our family. We just threw everything away. My friends at Ft. Meade were at my house one day and a couple of them were seriously horrified to find out that I don't rinse out every little thing and recycle it. So I started because of peer pressure. And now I live in Ghettoville Georgia and no one around me recycles so I don't either. Recycling is so trendy :)

The Galan Family said...

oh and I don't buy organic either. Too cheap I guess.