Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halla who?

Did I mention that I love Halloween? I love candy, I love fall, I love decorations.

The only thing I don't love about Halloween is teenagers. They don't know when to quit trick-or-treating. And also, when I was a teen myself. Every year my friends would say, "let's dress up as something really ugly for Halloween-- wouldn't that be funny?" So one year we decided to be really ugly white trash prom queens. Well guess who was the only one to took the "ugly" part seriously? You guessed it. The next year "ugly" farmers, then "ugly" vampire brides. After a couple of years, I figured out what was going on. You are supposed to dress hot but make it look like you are  trying really hard to look ugly, but you are so darn hot that it is impossible to look bad. It's an art form really. When a teen says, "Let's dress ugly-- I don't care what anyone thinks." What they really mean is, "you should dress ugly-- I don't care what anyone thinks about you." They were sort of lame friends I guess.
  So my point is, I put up my Halloween decorations. My house is about 1100 sq. feet--but it lives like 1500 really. A lot of people see it and say, "wow this house reminds me of one of those Daybreak houses." I'm like "thanks." Ahh how I love Daybreak (I'm serious.) But these decorations are waay better than anything anyone in D-town could ever come up with. 

Pictures of course.

From the front. 

Another angle of the front.

The yard. I am good at maximizing the use of space.

My power bill is a little higher this month.

The front porch.

And inside the porch.

Yes, it is all the same house. What can I say, it's a gift. I have a vision of what I want. I don't think about it. I just do it. And it turns out to be a masterpiece. Some people tell me that I am like the Halloween decoration version of Beethoven. Other people tell me that I am wasting time and energy and that they can't get any sleep because they live on my street. To those people I just smile and say, wait 'till Christmas sucka!


Camilla said...

Where do you put all that stuff when it's not Halloween?

Angela Jensen said...

Oh, I just throw it away and buy more next year.

Abbigail said...

Great pictures..! I too love Halloween.!  I love the costumes, decorations and lots of candy.