Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Decorating Ideas

So I've been wanting  to totally redo my boy's room. I had been drooling over the PB kids catalogue for months and I wanted to do something that 'J' will like, but more importantly, I wanted to do  something that sends a message about who I am. You know, a kid's room that says I'm; creative, trendy, wealthy, fun, pretty, skinny, oh and that I'm a good mom-- wait  make that the best mom. Then I wanted to take a picture of it to show you.

That's what I wanted to do.

But instead, I'll show you this super sweet 25 year old picture of Peter's room. He always talks about how great his room was when he was a young lad. A refuge from his 3 cruel cruel sisters. 

Note the American Indian pictures on the wall.
          The poofy 80's coat in the foreground.
  The "ghetto-blaster" on the headboard shelf. (sorry dad, I know you hate that term, but that's the 80's talkin') I can almost hear Debbie Gibson now.
           Super shag carpet.
           Levi's strewn about.
           And yes, a waterbed. (he'll tell you it was because of his asthma, but it is really because he was spoiled rotten. Weren't you always jealous of those kids whose parents were dumb enough to buy waterbeds for them?)


Camilla said...

Well there is kind of a theme and it comes together really well. I never knew Peter had such a love for Native Americans.

Carrie said...

Here's the real question--how many times did Peter pop his waterbed? My rich cousins in Idaho had one that was actually really hard to sleep on--I hate those things!

Ashby said...

LOL! We just got rid of Ryan's old waterbed after his dad died, and that wasn't even two years ago. In fact, we threw out his dad's waterbed too. Those things are freaking awesome! And I like them so much better now that they are at the transfer station!