Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blog Search

In your stalking, can you find more than blog who posts pics of their new car? I can. Seems to be the thing right now. Sooo sad to say byeee to the Volvo but waaayye excited for the Audi!!!

Meanwhile in realityville-- I am getting strange men stopping me in random parking lots. Back in the good 'ol days strange men would stop me in the parking lot all the time because I was so hot (was being the operative word.) Now they stop me and tell me that they can get that dent out of the Odyssey for $130. That's not a pick-up line is it? Didn't think so.


Cara said...

Do you know Natalie too? We were pledge sisters in Chi Omega.

Stephanie said...

hahaha. think i read that blog.