Wednesday, September 3, 2008

She has a Pregnant 17 year old!

Just kidding, that's not what I want to talk about because I would like to post something original. If you want to read a SAHM's oh so humble opinion about that, click on one of the blogs to the right, I'm sure my lame friends have plenty to say. 

So remember back towards the tail end of the writers strike when the talk shows started coming back? Well, I read (yes, I read) an article that talked about which talk show writers actually write their own material, and which ones just read and repeat what they've been given in a funny way. It was painfully obvious during the silly strike. 

People who don't write their own stuff: Leno (duh) Letterman (who gets credit for being funny because of his good suits and weird teeth) and John Stewart (I know--he had me fooled too!)

People who do: Conan O'Brian, Steve Colbert.

Now The Conan O'Brian Show is on at like 1 in the morning. I watch it all the time because let's face it, I don't have a real job to get up for the next morning-- I generally spend my day watching more TV with a bag of chocolate chips in one hand and a jar of Skppy's in the other. Then when Pete comes home, I act all stressed like I've been busy molding young minds and stuff. But back to my point, Conan is past your bed time, you can tivo him ya know. If you already do that and want something more-- have you read his commencement speech at Harvard?

He really is a genius. 

Ok, now get the young kids out of the room and watch this next clip. Colbert isn't bad either. Thanks for sharing and helping us get to Hell faster Susan.


Susan said...

I love Colbert. That clip is classic. "Oh, Charles Darwin, that feels good!"

MandoRama said...

Just found your blog. Love it. And, oddly enough, I do believe I went to high school with you. Go Rams?

Angela Jensen said...

I am a ram indeed. What's your real name mandorama?

The Watkins said...

Dave loves Colbert Report and this clip had him in tears. Seriously so dang funny.

MandoRama said...

Amanda (Mandy) Daniels - I think we cheated off each other in Dr. Atiya's (spelling?) physics class.

andrea.roche said...
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t-dizzle lang-sizzle said...

Umm i know im a little late on the bloggin but if u havent seen the two part series where colbert interviews the Gay Lobby it is Hillarious!!!