Tuesday, September 30, 2008

No one thinks I'm funnier than I do.

So have you ever wondered what would happen if you decided to reorder checks at 1:30 in the morning after a late dinner of sketchy Indonesian food? 

No? Never? Not even once?

Well, this one night Pete and I were feeling particularly slap-happy and,well, this is what happened.

Cowboy checks!  Aren't we hil-arious? We couldn't stop laughing. And even better, it came with a free checkbook cover. Wanna see?

I know! You're dying aren't you!

Only when the checks came, Pete didn't really think they looked quite so funny in real life. And when we write checks we are sort of embarrassed. Either that or a cowboy/horse lover sees the checks and is like, "Oh these are cool! Are you from the West? Do you love horseback riding too?" And we have to lie and say because we don't want to make said cowboy/horse person feel bad. I mean no one likes to be made fun of. I used to think that just some people like to be made fun of, but I was wrong. It's no one.

Here's the thing though. You know how you think you are really really funny at 1AM and then the next day you think about it, and it isn't even funny anymore? Well, here's my curse. I think I am that funny all the time. It really is tough to deal with. Have you ever told a joke and everyone starts laughing, and then they stop and you are still laughing so hard that you can't talk for like 5 more minutes. Well it happens to me almost daily and it is really embarrassing. I try to stop by thinking about something sad like dead puppies or the mortgage crisis, but I usually end up laughing even harder. I know the checks probably aren't really funny but I am laughing out loud looking at them and thinking that I am going to order Happy Kwanzaa checks next time (talk about funny.)
Man, I'm about to pee my pants, I gotta go.


The Galan Family said...

Angela, you seriously crack me up! And yourself apparently. I am laughing out loud over here ALL by myself. It's pretty sad, but thanks for making me laugh today. I wish we could hang out more because I love your sense of humor. I miss it! When I posted on my blog about you visiting me, I went and dug up all these pictures of you and me from High School and i was going to post them, but I didn't know if you would care or not. Some of them were not so flattering of both of us, but they were funny. Would you have thought THAT was funny? Just wondering.

bribets said...

Can I have that cover for the annual white elephant Christmas party I go to? It will be a hit.

Carrie said...

So those checks are seriously ugly (you know, in the good, funny way) Love that you get so much attention from them too. You know you really are funny, right?!