Friday, September 5, 2008


This morning I was teaching my spinning class (aka flexing my rock hard quads and pretending to be a real athlete). Anyway, I have this great punjabi remix of a Nelly Furtado song (seriously - click on it then come back to me. It's the best song you've heard in a while, I don't care what kind of music you like.) and I realized something. I never even saw a real Indian person until I was 15 and it was when I went to France. Before that, the closest I had come to seeing an Indian (from India) was Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom. 
These two Indian sisters (we spoke only French to each other) fed me the best chicken I've ever had and then showed me one of their Indian musicals.

Tip: Make friends with the meat eating Indians.

If you have never seen an Indian movie, here is a sample. They are all musicals.

Tip: If you think you do a sweet impression of a Bollywood musical, don't do it within the first five minutes of meeting and Indian. There is no way they'll think you are as funny as you do. Plus they might be Pakistani

Anyway, little did I know that 5 years later I would be staying in Malaysia with Sanjiv's parents, (a trip that would give me a permanent phobia of hot dog sized cockroaches) trying to keep his mother from feeding my three-month-old baby a raw egg.

Tip: If  you take a baby to a developing country, go ahead and let the homeless people kiss her on the face. For some reason they seem a lot cleaner than American homeless people.

And now here I am 10+ years later. I know that curry is a sauce (not a spice dummy). I know that in India, if you are half-way smart, you go to the States and become an engineer. If you are stupid, you should just be a lawyer or a doctor or a realtor (that was not a joke-- well the realtor part was). I know that from just one Indian's name, another Indian can tell what part of India they are from, what language they speak, and what caste they belong to. And I know that there will always be samosas at Shivani and Vikram's birthday parties. 

Sanjiv, Abinav, Anshul, Vikram, Shivani, and Tamiguptadiptivishnushivahamnimshica, you've changed my life.

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staceyscott80 said...

ANG! There is a Bollywood movie on TONIGHT called "Bride and Prejudice"...set your tivo. I am not kidding!