Sunday, September 28, 2008

More thoughts on my storage room

Hey,  Anybody have one of these sitting in your storage room/garage collecting dust?

Didn't think so.

Do any of you have a kid who would throw a toy microphone at one of these? (42 incher by the way.) 

Didn't think so

You know what happened? It shattered okay? Leave me alone.

My dilema isn't what I should do with my son (although it probably should be.)

No, I can't figure out what to do with the TV. It's been sitting here for over a year. It doesn't look broken unless you turn it on. I am only a half a step too honest to return it to Costco. (weird, I know) I am too proud to bring it out to the trash on garbage day, my neighbors haven't caught on to the fact that I have no mothering skills and I'd like to keep them fooled a bit longer. 
Seriously though, what could you use this for? Do you think anyone would buy it off craigslist for target practice? Or to display in their home like for an open house or something? I know it's a stretch (but you and I both know that stranger things have been solicited on craigslist-- well I wouldn't know, I've just heard)

Any ideas? Anyone?


Megan Healey Taylor said...

Angela, I actually think Costco's warranty covers accidental damage. (And since Jonah's under the age of accountability, I say it was totally an accident.) They've been really, really good to my fam in the past. You should ask next time you're there!

bribets said...

So I was just reading my Real Simple catalog and read that you can take unwanted t.v.'s to Office Depot. Good Luck!